• Cooling Solutions

  • Is the hot summer sun making your window air conditioner work harder than it should? Are your electric bills robbing you of your hard earned income? Would you like to stay cool all summer long and bring down those outrageous bills? How about improve the resale value of your home?

    Call AIR-EEZ Comfort Systems, LLC NOW! We will inspect your home or commercial site for its current R-value by conducting an Air-Flow test to see how much cooling power it will take to cool your home. Our technicians will then write you a free estimate based on your cooling needs and recommend one of the Carrier line of Central Air units.

  • The Infinity 21 is Carrier's environmentally sound central air conditioner with Puron® Refrigerant.

    • Environmentally Sound refrigerant Puron®
    • Quiet, economical performance
    • Efficient, reliable performance
    • Consistent operation
    • One of the quietest air conditioners in the industry.....reduced sound!

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  • Commercial

    Standard-Effeciency Rooftop Units Combine Advanced Technology with Smart Economy.

    • Sized to fit the job
    • Rugged and reliable
    • Easy installation and conversion flexibility
    • Proven compressor reliability
    • Quiet, efficient, economical operation
    • Easier to service and maintain
    • Trouble-Free Troubleshooting
  • Unico® The flexible alternative to convential cooling and heating. Unico adds comfort and value without costly remodeling. Flexible Unico tubing bends around existing structures in your home. The unit fits easily inside an attic.

    If you would like to hear more about the Unico Heating and Cooling System, give AIR-EEZ Comfort Systems, LLC a call. Our technicians are qualified to install Unico Systems.

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